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Transportation solutions

Gep Multifonctional Electronic Ticketing System

G-METS, Gep Multifunctional Electronic Ticketing System, encompasses all sub-systems with analogous processes designed to manage the distribution and usage of fare products in a public transport environment.

G-METS is an interoperable system which enables the customer to use chip based cards (both microprocessor and memory) together with on board validation hardware as well as retail terminals for multi-functional purposes.

Benefits for the customers:

  • Reductions in queuing
  • Special and combined fares
  • Having one media for multiple applications, loyalty programs and seamless journeys

Benefits for the operators and the other parties involved:

  • System functionalities: the actors involved with their respective roles, the relationships and the interfaces between them are all defined by the system.
  • Its security scheme protects privacy, integrity and confidentiality between the actors to ensure fair and secure data flow within the system.
International Organization for Standardization, CEN, EMV, Global platform

G-METS fare collection management can be used with:

  • Contactless e-Ticket
  • Microprocessor Smart Card
  • A combination of the two

KMS: Key Management Sub-System

The KMS is the core of the G-METS security management. It runs on a PC/Windows compliant platform which is easy to install and maintain.
It is focused on the following tasks:

  • Tracking and authorizing HSM functionalities
  • Managing secure HSM backup procedures
  • Ensuring a secured channel between the local/remote locations of the cryptographic server
  • Enforcement of security procedures and key policies
  • Key lifecycle management


CCS: Central Clearance Sub-System

CCS is responsible for receiving all the transactions until it is settled and acts as the central controlling component of G-METS.
It manages all value present in the system, distributes and receives value from the various user cards and, in a multifunctional environment, it is able to reconcile different accounts of the various actors involved.

Processes included in clearing are:

  • Reporting/monitoring
  • Fraud detection
  • Netting of transactions to single positions
  • Accounting
  • Failure handling
CCS is mainly responsible for the lifecycle management of the cards issued by G-METS. It contains the principle database used to keep track of the cards and tickets present in the system.
It minimizes the time and costs associated with issuing and managing of cards, maintaining user account information, tracking devices and credentials, and providing customer service. Its issuance module manages the programming and issuance of smart cards, memory cards and other electronic tickets or vending applications.

CCS key features are:

  • Management of the applications present on each card
  • Easy to use, general purpose, web based interface for management
    of the programming and security of the chip
  • Accurate maintenance of the value stored on each card so that a new issuance
    of the card can be done in case of invalidation (through loss, destruction, etc.)
  • Encoding of the chip based on data from any field held in the person’s
    database record
  • Facilitates multi-functionality by delegated management of
    its administrative procedures