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Sport and Events solutions

Smart Tickets

The RFID microprocessor smart card is the most secure authentication token available for "Sport and Events" access.

Thanks to its experience in Operating Systems development, Arjowiggins Security offers a wide range of products with the KIAT™ OS family, and has successfully delivered millions of identification smart tickets used for events’ access control.


KIAT™ is a family of COS optimized to deliver the most necessary high security functions while remaining small and fast. KIAT™ Operating Systems are available on memory-optimized secure microcontrollers and thus remain very affordable with many functionalities.

Main features of the KIAT2™ operating system:

  • Data structure compliant with ISO 7816-4 with files type DF, EF Transparent,
    EF Linear Structured, EF Cyclic Structured
  • Secure data access granted by passive type keys (PIN) and active type keys, based upon DES family cryptographic algorithms with keys of 112 bit length (Triple DES) and 120 bit (DES-X)
  • Possibility to protect data with multiple keys using PIN key
    in Boolean operations AND / OR
  • Supports transactions via secure channels with signed data (Secure Messaging)
  • Possibility to implement secure proprietary e-Purse

KIAT™ Operating Systems are ideal for very large scale projects requiring ultimate cost optimization with no compromise on functionalities, quality and security. This is why millions of European dual-interface smart cards have been successfully running KIAT™ for over a decade.