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Sport and Events solutions

Software applications

TMS: Ticketing Management System

The dc (data capturing) represents the first module of our TMS solution.
It has been developed in order to be very flexible and customizable. Every single project requires specific implementations and we can add or change many modules on the base software in order to fit with all the customer requirements. The data capturing module is available as a web based or as a stand alone version: it can be online (web site) or it can be decentralized in a ticketing center connected to the central database.

e-TPP: e-Ticketing Procurement Procedure

e-TPP is accomplished through a wholly real-time, automatic, and secure electronic procurement process suitable to be customized according to the specific business needs of each organization.

KMS: Key Management System

KMS is the component of the issuance system responsible for document signature and key management.

KMS: Key Management System

Personalization, Issuance and Post Issuance

Personalization, Issuance and Post Issuance modules are responsible for the global life cycle of the ticket. In compliance with the market demand, these modules have been designed to be modifiable according to customer requirements and specific needs.