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Mobile wallet and token services

The rise of mobile and the acceleration of changes could be time consuming and very costly to the banks.

Taking the wrong approach for mobile could end up in a very complex and costly implementation:

Mobile wallet and token services

On top of being very complex, such implementations could enable contactless payment while missing the opportunity to support cloud-based payment and in-App purchase.

Whether the bank chooses to outsource its mobile implementations or simply wants to shorten its time to market, Arjo Systems provides the adapted solution.

As an additional benefit, Arjo Systems’ white-label wallet App promotes the bank’s brand and help the bank keep a direct channel with its customers.

A unified platform for mobile, cards and wearables

Arjo Systems universal mobile application platform connects the bank to the token servers from Visa™, MasterCard™, etc. Doing so, the bank is ready to provide its customers access to the payment App from the technology giants Apple™, Samsung™, and Android™, and to get set for in-app payment. In addition, the token based solution makes it easy for the bank to enable its own wallet App using HCE. Token based solution is also applicable to the issuance of both traditional cards and payment devices such as wearables.

Unified platform for mobile, cards and wearables

Arjo Systems unified platform is the best approach for the banks:

  • One-time integration that ensures bank customers can benefit from Bank App and from all the manufacturers’ wallet
  • One software to deploy and maintain for token service from all financial services
  • One business agreement with Arjo Systems, a company opened to competitive win-win models
  • Forward looking with support for Visa™ and MasterCard™ cloud based payment platforms that enables in-App payment along with Apple Pay™ and Android Pay™
  • The largest reach with access to all manufacturers wallets and HCE wallet

An easy and comfortable user experience: Mobile Wallet

The mobile wallet App is an important asset that provides a direct channel to customers. First, it enhances direct relationship as well as advertising on new products and services. Second, the unique user experience is a clear differentiator for the banks against the technology giant wallets.

Arjo Systems proposes a white-label wallet App whose architecture applies not only to HCE but also to Bluetooth wearable, contactless SIP, and smart microSD.

Arjo Systems white-label wallet App is designed for the following solutions:

  • Visa™ token-based mobile payment
  • MasterCard™ token-based mobile payment
  • Proprietary token based solution

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