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Hardware and wallet App for NFC contactless application

Arjo systems Contactless SIP

Arjo Systems contactless SIP (System in Package) is a complete solution that enables the mobile handset manufacturer with its very own Mobile Pay solution. The solution comes with the necessary hardware and wallet App to enable the mobile device for local contactless services.

Mobile NFC offers reader mode and contactless card use cases. Yet reader mode’s benefit is limited for the end customer and the real value comes with contactless. Arjo Systems contactless SIP solution brings contactless capabilities that meet the daily needs of the end customers.


The benefits of contactless have long been proven and contactless continues to regularly enter new market verticals such as identification, payment or ticketing among others.

Mobile is the contactless companion of choice in this fragmented market, making issuance as simple as using the wallet App. Major handset makers are moving full speed on NFC for their flagship devices even though their wallet App isn’t available for most countries. Yet mobile NFC can simply be a big cost adder when the user cannot take advantage of local services.

Arjo Systems is committed to enable independent handset makers with a solution focused on value:

  • Arjo Systems takes care of the needed certifications required for payment and transit even when the global sales volume of the device model is low.
  • Arjo Systems hardware is focused on contactless card emulation where value-add lies.
  • Arjo Systems is committed to enable its white-label wallet App for local service providers (bank, transport, ticketing, etc) in areas where the phone model is distributed. A wallet App connected to the local services is the only option to turn this extra spending into value-add for the end customer.
International Organization for Standardization, CEN, EMV, Global platform

The contactless hardware is a System in Package that is small and easy to integrate. Furthermore, it can fit off-the-shelves existing reference designs. Other types of packaging are also available.

Arjo Systems Contactless SiP doesn’t impact the designer warranty. It is enabled with Android Seek APIs (perfect to contactless dual interface chip) without the need to license or implement an NFC stack.

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