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Payment solutions

Payment cards portfolio
Meeting every bank needs with cost-competitive and multi-service payment cards

Arjo Systems contact and dual interface cards offering is twofold:

  • highly secured payment cards at competitive price
  • Multi-service cards combining payment with transit, ticketing, e-ID, driving license...

Arjo Systems payment cards can be sold separately from Arjo Systems unified platform and mobile solutions.

Effective payment cards

Arjo Systems effective payment cards offer is extremely competitive and comes with the highest standard in security. There is no need to change anything in your current production set-up as personalization can be implemented using standard APIs which fits most production systems.

Effective payment card comes with both Visa™ and MasterCard™ payment schemes, with both contact and dual interfaces.

Effective payment card is also perfectly suitable for closed loop payment and national payment schemes..

Multi-service cards

Multi-service payment card is an important asset to the bank:

  • Puts the card at the top of the wallet
    and ensures it remains the main payment mean
  • Helps the bank sign new customers interested in these new services
  • Differentiates the bank from competition
Multi-service cards

Arjo Systems has a proven track record in transit, ticketing, e-ID, driving license, health and access control cards. Such expertise is key to preparing a multi-service card and Arjo Systems can take care of bringing and managing the additional services.

Furthermore, the card OS ensures that these services remain independent from each other and don’t cause a security threat to the issuer or from each other.


Arjo Systems offers a choice of typical features for card body, chips and applets, initialization and personalization:

Traditionnal cards: payment

Arjo Systems payment cards are tailored to the customer needs:

  • Contact or dual interface
  • Choice of standard PVC, durability PVC or PET
  • Delivered blank, initialized or personalized

With card body features such as:

  • Hologram on front or back
  • HiCo mag-stripe
  • Signature panel
  • Embossing

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