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Payment solutions

Payment Solutions

Payment solutions

Keeping the banks one step ahead with a secure, integrated and efficient solution

Since the rise of mobile and the accelerated transformation of FinTec and payment means, banks have been confronted with critical challenges:

  • Stay relevant with regards to new payment means against giant technology players and aggressive FinTec while continuing to receive their customers’ paychecks necessary for the Bank core business.
  • Find efficient communication channels where they can instantly promote new investment services to their customers and inform about new products.
  • Identify the right technologies and strategies to tackle mobile payments and the rise of payment wearable such as smart bands, payment rings and more.

Thanks to its unique combined expertise in Chip Operating System, System Integration, and latest mobile payment technologies, Arjo Systems has developed a unified platform for payment cards, mobiles and wearables that addresses these major challenges.
Unlike traditional payment actors who treat cards and other payment technologies separately, Arjo Systems’ unified payment platform provides a spectacular time to market, a friendlier user experience, and an overall much lower cost of ownership.

Unified Platform

Unified Platform

Arjo Systems unified payment platform can be managed as a simple upgrade with no hassle, complex integration or compatibility issues.

Payment cards and multi-application cards can be deployed independently of the unified payment platform.

Arjo Systems solutions are applicable to the following schemes:

  • Global payment schemes such as Visa™, MasterCard™ and UnionPay™
  • National payment schemes, including specific developments
  • Closed loop payment and loyalty solutions
  • Multi-application cards with payment, ticketing, access control.

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