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The physical security of an e-Passport is as important as its digital security. A wide range of physical securities, smartly paired with digital security, is the only way to protect your citizens against fraudulent use of passports.

As an experienced manufacturer of most of the elements part of our e-Passport solutions, Arjo Systems is proud to offer products which fit your needs for physical security.

Passport Covers

Arjo Systems is ready to provide you with its passport covers, made of 100% aqueous covering material especially designed for passports. They combine excellent mechanical features, high security and quality standards, resistance and elegance in one unique product that has become the perfect covering material for passports worldwide.

High-temperature resistant and especially suitable for passports with heat-seal film lamination, our product can be ultraviolet printed to ensure further security. Besides, it provides durable, precise and high quality stamping results.

With excellent mechanical properties, well-above the standards (thanks to specific developments), our product is the best fit for an ICAO compliant e-cover offer. It can resist the different production and manipulation processes thanks to its resistance to tearing, double-folding, elongation, abrasion, bursting and general deterioration.

Security Sewing Thread

With more than 30 references in security sewing thread for passports, Arjo Systems is the uncontested market leader for this security product.

Using specific dyeing and assembling techniques, our product, only sold to security players, combines both fluorescent and non fluorescent thread colors. This ensures a single and secure product for your passport authentication.

Heart dyed, 100% polyamide, including shades independent of plies (fluorescent or non fluorescent), our product also includes a guarantee of 10 years, to reflect our confidence in our experience and know-how.

Datapage Security

To ensure a complete protection to the variable data of your citizens, Arjo Systems is ready to design with you the right solution which will fit your requirements.

When security overlays are the best answer to your passport personalization solution, we are able to provide you with a combination of high-end holographic features and UV printing with specific inks (i.e. transfer inks), to ensure state-of-the-art authentication and anti-falsification. Arjo Systems has unique experience and strong references in offering security films combining high-end holographic features and advanced printing technologies: all done in the same production facility, to guarantee maximum security.

When laser engravable data page solutions are suitable with your passport deployment, Arjo Systems is a partner you can trust: our Polycarbonate data page is able to integrate the most popular securities used with this material (Guilloches, OVI, Holograms, CLI/MLI, etc...) and we are developing proprietary features which can enhance the design and security of your passport.

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laminates and polycarbonate data pages.
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