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Unlike other industry players, not only does Arjo Systems offer a full software suite based on its own KMS (Key Management System), but it also offers a high-end system integration service.
This results in very significant optimizations in terms of cost, document issuance efficiency, security and lead time. Instead of wiping out existing implementation, Arjo Systems’s experts carefully analyze the precious architecture to determine the quickest and smartest way to deploy the new solution.

Furthermore, our expertise in project management helps us deliver very quick rollouts. We can upgrade or replace the current system environment with plug and play modules. We manage the whole process from the analysis and integration to deployment and maintenance.
Our methodology includes collaborating with local partners during the rollout, and equips them with on-site knowledge transfer and dedicated development methodology. Our team provides full support services including project management, consulting and maintenance, until the project is successfully completed.

Full system architecture to cover (end-to-end automated issuance process):

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Arjowiggins Security integration system for e-document production process