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e-passport solutions

& durable

The Paperlam®, a 100% paper substrate inlay, is a major innovation from our R&D center, completely tailored to the needs of security printers.
The unique properties of this substrate make it extremely durable and highly tamper evident at the same time. Any attempt to access the chip will leave noticeable evidence.

Paperlam® inlay integrates a wide range of state-of-the-art antennas and guarantees passports to be easily foldable and to remain folded. This ensures efficient manufacturing on any booklet assembling equipment (UNO, Kugler, ..)

Furthermore, the porous qualities of the inlay paper allow a perfect glue penetration and adhesion to the passport cover and end-paper bringing higher security and durability.
Our high quality contactless paper inlay is today the most adapted substrate for e-Passport inlay on the market and has been tested by many internationally renowned laboratories such as FIME, Soliatis and Fogra and demonstrates that the Paperlam® displays the highest level of chemical and mechanical resistance.

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