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e-passport solutions

e-Passport Solutions

e-passport solutions

An end-to-end & modular offer
for government agencies
and security printers worldwide

Over the past few years, e-Passports have been steadily replacing the traditional machine-readable passport (MRP) and will eventually represent the majority of travel documents worldwide. The benefits are numerous and range from strengthening the identity check, reducing the risk of tampering and identity fraud to enabling the automated border control to facilitate the passage of travelers.

One of the main challenges for government agencies and security printers worldwide is to seamlessly migrate their current document to an e-Passport within a reasonable timeframe and budget, while ensuring an ICAO standard quality and operational excellency.

Arjo Systems offers the most complete, fully developed in-house, end-to-end solution to security printers and government agencies worldwide:

  • ICAO compliant COS (Chip Operating system),
  • Taylor-made inlay,
  • Full issuance offer including data preparation and Key Management System,
  • System integration.

Furthermore, we have a unique track record for transforming MRP into e-Passport in the shortest timeframe, or for optimizing existing e-Passport solutions so as to open them to the latest technologies available.

Unlike other vendors, we offer flexible business models and technical solutions with modular offers that suit your needs. More than 30 million e-Passports have already been issued with our technology in more than 12 countries all over the world (among which Brazil, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy) to the full satisfaction of our customers and partners.