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e-ID Cards solutions

e-ID Card SolutionsSystem integration

e-ID Cards solutions

At Arjo Systems we highly value local players
and customers’ knowledge and expertise.

Unlike traditional security players who solely focus on their patented technologies, we believe governments and local companies should hold some of the key e-ID components and have a broader choice of solutions.

Flexible and cooperative system integrator

Our system is designed to seamlessly and quickly integrate with existing installations.
We provide tailored security software, biometric enrolment solutions, systems bricks or complete solutions. Migrating to electronic documents, upgrading existing issuance systems, making several Card Operating Systems coexist or enrolling millions of people has never been simpler.

Our solutions comply with the latest international ISO
and ICAO standards

Our technologies easily integrate with third party’s ones we ensure a high independence towards chip vendors, equipment manufacturers or card makers. Engaging with our technologies becomes a sustainable investment.

Integrale™ issuance system

Arjo Systems integration system for e-Document production process
Arjowiggins Security integration system for e-document production process

An ID issuance system enables countries to perform all necessary vital operations from people enrollment to the remittance of the physical ID documents to citizens and manage the document post-issuance lifecycle.

You feel trapped with an old issuance system supporting only one Chip Operating System with a single application? We are proud to announce having a field-proven solution to correct that wrong and bring flexibility, lower cost of ownership to your daily operations with possible evolutions to multi-application cards: Integrale™ System.

Our home-grown modular technologies notably include Data Capturing (DCS), Data Preparation and Signing (DPS), Key Management System (Integrale™ KMS), Personalization modules (PPS), Card Management System (CMS) and Issuance/post-issuance modules (ISS). This comprehensive flexible system can adapt and merge with an already installed partial or complete system, quickly and seamlessly.

Amongst many great characteristics, we embrace the latest standards and support internationally recognized cryptographic algorithms such as AES, ECDSA. Integrale KMS secure rackable appliance is FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified ensuring any tampering attempt will not grant access to sensitive data.