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e-ID Card SolutionsCard Operating System (COS)

e-ID Cards solutions

Card Operating System
Fast and secure

Issuing electronic national identity cards, resident permits, driver licenses or digital signature cards requires the presence of an embarked Chip Operating System (COS).
It protects and grants access to sensitive personal data securely stored in the chip’s memory and performs complex cryptographic operations.

Our families of Operating Systems, SOMA™ and KIAT™, are have been tailored to meet the needs for fast, reliable and secure usage of travel and identification electronic documents.


SOMA™ is a family of native secure chip operating systems
dedicated to e-ID applications.

They notably feature world-class characteristics such as EAL-certification, unique country-owned features and evolutivity while remaining affordable.

For the past 10 years, SOMA™ has been successfully serving several e-ID cards and e-Passport programs around the world. Selected in 2005 for the issuance of some of the very first European e-Passports, SOMA™ now brings cutting-edge dual-interface technologies to Central Asia. National e-ID cards now exchange data with readers 8 times faster than conventional cards; citizens are happy to enjoy quicker border crossing, while issuing authorities reduce their card personalization costs.

Meeting the most stringent international requirements such as ICAO, Common Criteria, and ISO, our COS are compatible with Global Platform systems. SOMA™ COS perform the most complex cryptographic operations involving RSA, Elliptic Curves or Diffie-Hellman algorythms while sporting lightning-fast encoding and reading speeds on every chip platform and technology.

Perso-Lock™ maintains the highest level of data integrity, confidentiality and security when issuing e-Documents in regional offices (decentralized mode).

SOMA™ Operating Systems are available on most common secure renowned micro-controller chip platforms featuring EEPROM or FLASH memory. If you ever felt trapped in your previous choices and are looking for alternatives then SOMA™ will certainly surprise you in many ways.


In several e-ID programs only some of the Chip Operating System
functionalities are actually used or truly required.

KIAT™ is a family of COS optimized to deliver the most necessary high security functions while remaining small and fast. KIAT™ Operating Systems are available on memory-optimized secure micro-controllers and thus remain very affordable with loads of functionalities.

For instance, KIAT3 sports ICAO LDS, BAC, BAP and EAC but resides on a small microcontroller, while being compatible with both contact and contactless readers.

KIAT™ Operating Systems are ideal for very large scale projects requiring ultimate cost optimization with no compromise on functionalities, quality and security. This is why millions of European dual-interface smart cards have been successfully running KIAT™ for over a decade.