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e-ID Cards solutions

e-ID Card SolutionsCards materials and security features

e-ID Cards solutions

PC, PET, PEC, PVC, holograms and MLI
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Well, choosing the right combination of materials, security features and processes to make e-ID documents durable and very secure requires decades of hand-on experience; and this is precisely one of our assets. Customers and governments in over 130 countries trust Arjo Systems to select the best combinations for ID programs, avoid costly unexpected replacement and associated turmoil.

At Arjo Systems we believe there are several ways of designing secure and durable e-ID documents. Our open-minded attitude will help you compose the best combination of products, personalization technologies and set of security features.

And when we feel something is missing, we develop innovative products. For instance, IDFlex™ has been engineered to provide unparalleled security levels compared to PVC or composite cards for a wide variety of ID and e-ID applications.

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