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Border Control solution

Border Control SolutionsIntegrale™ system

Border Control solution

Key Distribution System
for automatic authentication

We designed a Key Distribution System (KDS) which aims to facilitate automated key updates to immigration control points and in particular with the use of e-Gates in accordance to the design of ICAO Basic Access Control (BAC) and Extended Access Control (EAC) to provide a mean for e-Passport authentication and to protect more sensitive biometric content (such as fingerprint) against unauthorized use.

The KDS integrates with backend border control management infrastructure and the National Public Key Directory (N-PKD).
The N-PKD acts as a central repository of various sources of public keys (e.g. ICAO-PKD, diplomatic key exchange). It allows for the implementation of national policy regarding levels of trust while verifying authenticity, conformity to standards and proper technical formatting of the certificates.

The KDS is also capable to connect to other nationals’ Single Point of Contact (SPOC) used in performing EAC certification signing for the authentication on biometric passports with fingerprints.

e-Passport authentication product suite

Here are the advantages of our KDS solution:

  • compatible with any e-Gate, inspection systems, countertop computers
  • automatic refresh of latest data and country keys
  • reduce human intervention to manage certificate to update and distribute the keys
    and certificates to multiple control points
  • provide authentication service at control points to facilitate document verification

The right Border Control
Management System for your environment

Indeed, automatic border control is one of the area under the whole border control management subject. With our years of experience in providing consultancy to immigration authorities, we fully understand what you need is far more than automatic border control to implementing a better and more efficient and effective all-rounded border control solution from passenger clearance, clearance support and to back end operation support, with the keenness to enhancing the immigration security of your country.

We understand how a thoughtfully designed Border Control Management System (BCMS), possess with the latest IT and biometric technologies, can satisfy your requirements to:

  • boost up the operational efficiency for passenger clearance including simplifying and automating the capture, maintenance and enquiry of passenger movement records
  • strengthen immigration security by the use of biometric technologies for the verification of the true identity of a passenger
  • strengthen immigration security with the support of passenger profiling for automatic referral and support watch list management
  • streamline clearance support to enable effective execution of control operations such as the handling of referral cases, secondary examinations and subsequent immigration processes and procedures for targeted passengers
  • improve operation support to enable effective and efficient administration, management and communication for operations planning and resource deployment
  • adopt an agile yet high performance, reliable and sustainable application and system architecture to provide sufficient processing capacity and minimize dependency on specific hardware, software and vendor with reduce turn-around time for setting up new control points through the provision of a modular, loosely-couple and scalable system architecture

We always understand a BCMS is a sophisticated and advanced IT system that requires a design, implementation and operation specific for your existing immigration and border control environment. We have developed various application frameworks and software components as the foundation to you to build up and integrate to your desired BCMS.

Talk to us, and you will understand
how we can help you in delivering a better
and secure border control solution.